Let it snow: Edible Christmas decoration recipes

Posted on: 10th Dec 2016 by: Aldo Zilli

Seeing as it’s December and Christmas is getting steadily closer (two weeks to go!), I’ve chosen snowmen snow globes, edible Christmas decorations that I’ve enjoyed making with my kids this week – even if I didn’t get to eat the finished product. 




100g white chocolate

12 (1 pint capacity) mason jars with lids

24 Raffaello (white Ferrero Rocher) (keep refrigerated until using)

12 Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles (keep refrigerated until using)

55g black candy melts

12 orange candy-coated sunflower seeds

6 Mini Oreo Cookies

6 mini peanut butter cups or Rolos 

Red candy straps 

65g shredded coconut



Melt the white chocolate and place a tbsp of it onto the inside of each mason jar lid. Place one Raffaello into the white melted chocolate on the lid and refrigerate to set. 

Once set, place ¼ tsp of the white melted chocolate onto each Raffaello and glue a second Raffaello on top for the snowman’s body). Allow to set. Use more melted chocolate to glue on one of the Lindor truffles (the snowman’s head) and allow to set. 

Melt the black candy melts and use the flat end of a toothpick to fashion two black eyes and a line of black dots for a mouth on each snowman. Place three black dots (buttons) down the front of the two bottom truffles.

Place a small dab of white melted chocolate on the fat side of a sunflower seed and attach it to the top truffle – this is the snowman’s nose. 

Split the Mini Oreos in half and scrape the cream filling off the cookies. 

Use a small amount of black melted candy to glue a mini peanut butter cup (or Rolo) to one of the scraped cookies to make a hat. Use white melted chocolate to attach the hat to the snowman’s head.

To make the snowmen’s scarves: cut a candy strap into a piece 13cm long and ½cm wide then use scissors to cut tassels on the ends. Wrap each scarf round a snowman’s neck and secure with a little melted chocolate.

Sprinkle the base of the lid with a little coconut “snow” and carefully invert the jar over the snowman, screwing it into the lid to create an edible snow globe.